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Kennedy Equi Products specialise in unique Equestrian Spurs / Stainless Steel Studs / Kits and Tools for equestrians of every level.

We pride ourselves on creating unique products that improve and simplify equestrian needs. 

KEP are proud sponsors of International Show Jumper Cameron Hanley.

Cameron uses our trusted stainless steel EasyStuds for Competing. His groom prepares the White Heart Farm SportHorse Troop using Kennedy Equi's EasyTools and studs. EasyStud's provide grip to give the rider and horse the confidence they need to tackle fences on a range of different surfaces and conditions. Our Stainless Steel studs won't rust and compromise the shoe. 



As we all know, studding up can be a nightmare at shows, fresh horses don't want to stand around while you try to get the tap on the right thread as the horse's foot is moving. EasyTap™has pilot threads that “self locate” on the “correct” threads of the shoe eliminating cross threading, refurbishing damaged threads leaving a clean stud hole.



Ever hit your knuckles off 1 stud while tightening or loosening the studs with the spanner,not any more EasySpanner™  has a handle that is at 45˚ angle letting your knuckles go above the other stud no more grazed knuckles . 



"Amazing, we have been using Kennedy Equipment Products for a few years now and have yet still to lose a single stud!!" - Cameron Hanley



Kennedy Equi Products offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel studs to suit all needs which can be found on our website .



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