About Us

Kennedy Equi Products is an Irish Equestrian Company specialising in unique Equestrian Spurs / Stainless Steel Studs / Kits and Tools.

Generations of experience in the breeding & competition of horses combined with engineers who have been involved in revolutionising the plastics industry came together to form Kennedy Equi Products (KEP) .

Here at KEP, We have aimed to create a set of products that can help improve equestrian experiences to suit all needs at every level. 

It is vital before studding your horses/ponies that you determine the most appropriate stud for the equestrian activity. At KEP we offer a comprehensive selection of studs for every occasion to suit your needs and safety.

Rusty studs are a thing of the past, as all of KEP's  EasyStuds™ are made from stainless steel (non rust) and with new designs to suit every type and level of equestrian. All studs are manufactured in our own factory in Co. Wicklow with high precision engineered threads.

As we all know, studding up can be a nightmare at shows, fresh horses don't want to stand around while you try to get the tap on the right thread as the horse's foot is moving. EasyTap™ has pilot threads that “self locate” on the “correct” threads of the shoe eliminating cross threading.  

Ever hit your knuckles off 1 stud while tightening or loosening the studs with the spanner,not any more EasySpanner™  has a handle that is at 45 degrees letting your knuckles go above the other stud no more sore knuckles .

To make it even easier all of the above can be bought in the KEP's EasyKit™,  a place to store all your studding tools and EasyStuds™.


EasySpurs™ are a lightweight spur with a stainless steel end over moulded in a plastic rubber mix that softly moulds around any size boot preventing movement and when removed goes back to its original shape .The end of the EasySpur™ is at a 5 degrees to prevent the need to turn out your toes and they are unbreakable during normal use.

All of our EasySpurs™ are FEI Approved.